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Who knew babies did that?!

Written by Megan on 12th August 2018
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The night we brought Hayden home was the best and also most scariest night. I mean we were over the moon to have Hayden home with us and to pop him in the bedside cot that had been eagerly awaiting his arrival but we also had the overwhelming feeling of responsibility of looking after a little human. We’d got quite comfortable with nurses being there 24/7 to help us out and respond kindly to our million and one questions. Somebody once said ‘there’s no such thing as a silly question’, I’m not sure this applies to first time parents. In many ways him actually being in NICU turned into a blessing in disguise. For one it meant we got some time just us 3 before the stampede of visitors but also it meant we got proper little lessons in how to care for a baby like nappy changing and dressing – I’ll never understand how a baby’s arm can bend like that to get a vest on. Thank you very much to the nurse who noticed me looking rather confused and helped out when I didn’t really know what to do having just got the vest over his head and then couldn’t work out how to get it on further. Neither Mitch or I had spent much time around new born babies so we knew we were entering into an unknown world but we didn’t realise how hilarious it would be! Before we got home we mastered dressing and nappy changes but then spending every day and night with our little bean the fun really began. Now it may be sleep deprivation that makes things doubly funny but we laughed so much in the first few weeks and still do, babies are just so funny!

For some reason, I don’t know why, but I never really expected babies to be like little human adults and have all the bodily functions that we do. However they obviously haven’t learnt what’s socially acceptable yet so it’s all out there in the open for everyone to see, hear and…smell! First of all baby burps. Although they can be a tad messy isn’t it just the most satisfying feeling when they let out a real proper Barney Gumble belch?

The cutest thing? Baby sneezes! Hayden sneezes a lot although that’s not surprising seeing as both his Mum and Dad are big sneezers allergic to the world (sorry bubs, it’s not looking good for you!). Baby sneezes are just the cutest things and he honestly looks so satisfied after a big sneeze…or 5! The best thing though is the little sigh he does after the sneeze that didn’t happen. You know the disappointing moment where you begin to sneeze, you make that weird facial expression and then the sneeze just vanishes and doesn’t happen!? Also related to sneezing but not so cute – baby bogies. Although they are not baby sized they are huge!! Like they fill his whole nostril! I was horrified when he half sneezed out his first one and I had to pull the rest out. I mean how did that beast come out of a such cute little nose?!

And the most funniest thing? Baby farts! If you don’t find these hilarious pops of wind funny then there’s seriously something wrong with your sense of humour! I had no idea babies farted so loudly! Many times Mitch and I have actually thought that one of us had let one go when it’s been him! He’s even trumpeted at a nurse once when she was taking his temperature. He likes to play us a little tune in his sleep as well every morning it’s like our alarm clock. He has the most cheeky little wind face as well. The most dangerous ones though, but also probably the funniest, are the ones that come when changing a nappy. It’s like Russian Roulette for parents – sometimes its just wind…sometimes it isn’t!


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