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Weaning – the good, the bad and the messy!

4th January 2019 - Feeding and weaning

Being first time parents we didn’t really have a clue about weaning so typically I researched a lot of the different ways of weaning, bought a couple of books and went to a class about it and then after all that I was still just as confused as I was having not known a thing!

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Visiting a newborn?
10 simple rules to follow!

8th November 2018 - Life as parents

There are lots of guides online about rules for visiting a newborn, so here’s mine (in no particular order)…

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What they don't tell you about babies in the text books - A Mummy Blog

What they don’t tell you in the text books.

17th September 2018 - Life as parents

Having little to no experience of babies I googled and read A LOT and went to several classes. However there have been a few surprising things along the way that you don’t get told about.

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Breast is best? Fed is best? - A Mummy Blog

Breast is best? Fed is best?

21st August 2018 - Feeding and weaning

Well you can’t really write a baby blog without writing a post about feeding. It’s something all new mums will talk about, stress over and always get asked about! And for me it was the first time I’d experienced and still do feel a certain element of ‘mum guilt’.

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Who knew babies did that - A Mummy Blog

Who knew babies did that?!

12th August 2018 - Life as parents

The night we brought Hayden home was the best and also most scariest night. I mean we were over the moon to have Hayden home with us and to pop him in the bedside cot that had been eagerly awaiting his arrival but we also had the overwhelming feeling of responsibility of looking after a little human.

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The adventure that is mum and baby groups! - A Mummy Blog

The adventure that is mum and baby groups!

6th August 2018 - Baby groups

Wow! Who knew babies have such a good social life? During my maternity leave I imagined that I would complete home projects, read novels, bake cakes and the house would be spotless because babies nap a lot right? DELUSIONAL!!!

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Our NICU warrior - A Mummy Blog

Our NICU warrior

22nd July 2018 - Birth

While being pregnant, I’m sure like a lot of first time mums, for the most part I tried not to think about the actual process of giving birth. I’m one of those people that are a bit scared of the unknown.

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My Birth Story - A Mummy Blog

My birth story. Why did I bother writing a birth plan?

20th July 2018 - Birth

So I may as well start with telling you my birth story right, after all this is a mum blog and everyone always wants to know all the gory details! My birth story is one of the reasons why I have started to write this blog.

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