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Hello, I’m Megan! Wife of my husband Mitch and together we’re mummy and daddy to our lovely boy Hayden. I’ve started this blog mainly to put into words the muddled thoughts in my head and possibly also because I am currently spending far too much of my maternity leave getting to know daytime TV rather well! Mum fog and baby brain are definitely 100 % real! Becoming a Mum has been a crazy but wonderful adventure and to be fair, I think both me and my husband are doing pretty well with this parenting lark so far. So far, so good…if a little bit tired as well.

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Weaning – the good, the bad and the messy! - A Mummy Blog

Weaning – the good, the bad and the messy!

4th January 2019 - Feeding and weaning

Being first time parents we didn’t really have a clue about weaning so typically I researched a lot of the different ways of weaning, bought a couple of books and went to a class about it and then after all that I was still just as confused as I was having not known a thing!

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Visiting a newborn?<br/> 10 simple rules to follow! - A Mummy Blog

Visiting a newborn?
10 simple rules to follow!

8th November 2018 - Life as parents

There are lots of guides online about rules for visiting a newborn, so here’s mine (in no particular order)…

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What they don’t tell you in the text books. - A Mummy Blog

What they don’t tell you in the text books.

17th September 2018 - Life as parents

Having little to no experience of babies I googled and read A LOT and went to several classes. However there have been a few surprising things along the way that you don’t get told about.

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